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Enshudo Jyu Jitsu, founded in 1987, is a style of jyu jitsu rooted in the past, yet focused on the present. Similarly to Kajukenbo, Enshudo draws from various styles such as Kenpo, American style boxing, Aikido, and Hakko-ryu Jyu Jitsu to create an art that provides its practitioners with traditional Jyu Jitsu instruction, yet practical self-defense training. The benchmark of Enshudo is the combination of Chinese Kenpo tai sabaki (body movement) and atemi (striking), as well as the principles of irimi (entering), and tenkan (diverting) from Aikido. The kihon (basics) of Enshudo properly equip an Enshudoka for the path of Budo (the Way of the Warrior).

Over twenty five years, Enshudo has developed not only into a formidable stand only art, but an excellent complement to other styles of martial art training. Our experienced instructors (with training in both Kenpo and Enshudo Jyu Jitsu) provide a traditional, safe, and friendly dojo environment. They are well equipped to meet the individual needs of each student, regardless of physical ability. We encourage anyone, of any age and ability, to visit our dojo and watch or participate in our classes. We are experienced in working with beginner or trained martial artists and welcome all.

“When you are pushed, pull; when you are pulled, push.”
~ Tokimune Takeda

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