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O-Sensei Louis L. Desmarais
April 23, 1930 - April 8, 2011

O-Sensei Lou Desmarais spent his lifetime practicing and propagating the martial arts. He started as an amateur boxer in 1946 and fought to distinction in both the US Navy and US Marine Corp. His love of teaching the martial arts began here, as he later trained numerous golden glove champions. O-Sensei served in the Korean War before returning to his home town of Nashua. In the early 1970's he began training at the United Studios of Self Defense, where he met his partner, Victor Nastasia. After years of training they struck out on their own in 1979 and opened the Independent Karate School.
Over the years O-Sensei trained with many world renowned martial artists. These include: Jiro Sakano, Kendo Grand Master; Michael DePasquale, Jyu Jitsu Master; Jeff Smith, world light-heavyweight kick-boxing champion; Professor Nick Cerio Kenpo Master; Cynthia Rothrock, national karate champion and martial arts film star; Michael Pabst, Aikido Master; and Larry Garron Jr., Hakko-ryu Master. O-Sensei earned dan rank in Kenpo (8th degree) and Hakko-ryu Jyu Jitsu (1st degree). In 1996 the Nick Cerio International Martial Arts Association granted him the title of O-Sensei (Great teacher) along with the rank of 10th degree black belt in his style, Enshudo Jyu Jitsu.
In January of 1987, O-Sensei Louis Desmarais began fusing years of training to create Enshudo Jyu Jitsu. For the next 24 years of his life, O-Sensei further developed the principles of Enshudo Jyu Jitsu, bringing it to forefront of martial arts practice today. O-Sensei passed away on April 8, 2011 at the age of 80. His lifelong pursuit of excellence in the martial arts continues, as his grandson teaches Enshudo in his place today.

“Take what is given. Do not attack. Always react with control and technique.”
~ O-Sensei




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